Advanced Cataract Surgery

For over 30 years, Dr. Pabalan has preformed thousands of cataract operations, restoring vision and daily function for his patients.  Our practice is focused on providing you the best treatment available with the emphasis on personalized care- the best options for your particular eyes. 

What is a Cataract? 

catA cataract is the natural clouding of the lens in our eyes that occurs with birthdays. The clouding can interfere with the ability for our retinas to focus an image. Cataracts are a normal part of the aging process and can begin to affect vision as early as age 50. Other conditions such as the diabetes can affect the progression of Cataracts. 


cat dSymptoms of cataracts:

 Decreased/hazy vision with age

Seeing  halos/glare when driving at night

Difficulty distinguishing certain colors

Frequent changes in eyeglass prescription   

What are my treatment options?

At this time, the only treatment available is Cataract Surgery. Cataract Surgery is considered to be on of the safest procedures done today.

What are my lens options?

Monofocal Lenses are used to restore vision at only one range, usually distance.  Glasses are still needed full time if you have astigmatism (“egg shaped” eyes), and for all near and intermediate distance activities if you do not have astigmatism.  This lens is covered by your insurance.

With Advanced Cataract Technology, these implants are custom built for your visual needs.  Dr. Pabalan can further discuss with you which option best suit your needs.

No interest financing available for those who qualify!

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